Countless men are experiencing stronger, longer-lasting erections thanks to a quick, convenient injectable treatment known as Bocox™. Under the care of Dr. Quenby Erickson, board-certified dermatologist and top provider of Bocox™ in Chicago, this minimally invasive procedure can provide improvements in the frequency and quality of your erections, so you can enjoy a more satisfying sexual experience.


What Is Bocox™?

Bocox™ can make your erections stronger, harder, and easier to sustain with injections into the penile tissue. This male sexual wellness procedure is non-surgical, takes less than an hour, and requires minimal downtime.

Candidacy for Bocox™

Ideal candidates for Bocox™ are men who are concerned about mild to severe erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and delayed ejaculation (also called impaired ejaculation). Bocox™ has been found to be effective in men who do not respond adequately to oral ED pills such as Viagra (sildenafil) or Cialis (tadalafil).

In order to determine if Bocox™ is the best treatment option for resolving your specific symptoms, Dr. Erickson will meet with you for a consultation. Dr. Erickson will base her recommendations for your sexual wellness treatment plan on information she gathers from speaking with you about your treatment goals and reviewing your current medications, history of allergies, and general medical history.

What to Expect During a Bocox™ Procedure

During a Bocox ™ procedure, Dr. Erickson will typically inject Botox® into a few different areas of the penis. Most patients find the Bocox™ procedure to be relatively comfortable without the application of a topical anesthetic to numb the penile tissue, although it is available if requested.

How Much Does Bocox™ Cost?

The price of your Bocox™ treatment will reflect the specifics of your procedure, such as the number of units of Botox® required. Once Dr. Erickson has created your customized treatment plan, details regarding the associated cost will be reviewed with you.

Schedule a Consultation for Bocox™ in Chicago

To learn more about how Bocox™ can help you reclaim the satisfying sexual experience you deserve, contact Erickson Cosmetic Dermatology & Lifestyle Medicine today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Erickson. Our practice is conveniently located in downtown Chicago, right across the street from the Ritz-Carlton and Peninsula hotels. Our patients are welcome to take advantage of discounted indoor parking at the Olympia Center garage, located at 161 E. Chicago Avenue.  We will validate your parking ticket in our office for the reduced rate, so please remember to bring it with you.


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