Skin Rejuvenation

BBL stands for Broadband Light, a modality that actually stimulates changes in the skin at the molecular level. In fact, a groundbreaking study on BBL from Stanford University shows that Forever Young BBL™ can restore gene expression of aged human skin to resemble much younger skin.

It is said that “the RNA expression of aging skin treated with Forever Young BBL™ more closely resemble[d] that of young, untreated skin.” The Stanford University study results showed that the gene expression of older, damaged skin cells changes and will more closely resemble the genes expressed in younger skin cells. This means that over time the skin actually looks much younger, not older! In fact, physicians determined that patients treated with Forever Young BBL™ over a period of nine years appeared not to have aged, and actually looked ten years younger than their actual age.

Evidence also shows that regular maintenance Forever Young BBL™ treatments functionally rejuvenate the skin and delay skin aging.

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Dr. Quenby Erickson talks about BBL and Halo laser treatments! The clip from our feature on Chicago Comcast channel 392 Healthy living with Andrea Metcalf! Aired on at 6pm on Friday 7/8/16 and 9am on Saturday 7/9/16.

Interested in learning about one of our client’s first-hand experience with the BBL procedure?

Who is it good for?

Forever Young BBL™ offers multiple benefits. From the immediate treatment of pigmented lesions, (like freckles and age spots) and vascular lesions, (cherry angiomas, telangiectasias, and rosacea) to hair removal, improvement of skin texture, and treatment of acne, this rejuvenating light-based treatment instantly gratifies. It is the longer-term benefits, though, that set the Forever Young BBL™ technology apart, making this a perfect treatment option for someone who wants to treat the signs of the visible aging process, maintain, or prevent. Forever Young BBL™ can be performed anywhere on the face and body where there are unwanted signs of aging.

What should I expect?

Your eyes will be covered with protective goggles before your treatment begins. The BBL device emits light into the skin, targeting melanin and skin damage. Patients report this treatment to be ‘not painful’ and notice immediate improvements. With zero downtime, (meaning you can resume normal activities immediately), and a quick treatment time of only about 15 minutes, the Forever Young BBL™ treatment is a convenient treatment option for those who can sacrifice little or no downtime.

For optimal results, treatments are usually are spaced several weeks apart, producing gradual but noticeable results. Maintenance can consist of 2-4 yearly treatments, but many patients opt for more frequent treatments.

According to Dr. Patrick Bitter, who has performed over 7,000 BBL treatments, “The patients I have treated over the years have aged chronologically; however, their treated skin visibly has not, in respect to their untreated skin, and continues to improve in appearance with continued treatments. I can appreciate a significant and stark contrast between treated and untreated skin areas in the same patient, and it appears that the more often the skin is treated, the younger it looks,”

Dr. Bitter also says, “Patients who maintain a regular regimen of BBL treatments annually can reduce and delay the long term signs of skin aging in a way that looks very natural.”


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