Say goodbye to cellulite for good!

Cellulite is a complex issue that requires an individualized and often multimodal approach. Cellulite is caused by a combination of dimples, skin laxity and uneven adipose deposition, and loss of muscle tone. QWO® is a game-changer. Dimples- can now be treated with an Injectable that dissolves the collagen band that is causing the depression on the buttocks. These bands are different on the thighs and cause horizontal waves more often than dimples. While dimples usually appear around puberty, cellulite is complicated by the skin laxity that occurs with age. Skin laxity can be addressed by a variety of skin tightening procedures. NuEra® tight, Sofwave®, and Biostimulatory injectables that stimulate new collagen synthesis. Both Kybella®, and injectable that dissolves fat or Coolsculpting® may also be recommended for unwanted adipose deposits. Finally, Empsulpt may be recommended to improve muscle tone of the buttock. Each person is unique and will be given recommendations based on Dr. Erickson’s many years of experience and expertise.


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