Common misconceptions about BOTOX, Part One: Have you been interested in trying BOTOX or another neuromodulator, but perhaps you have some concerns? There are plenty of common misconceptions about BOTOX and other neuromodulators out there. Read on for the reality about these great wrinkle relaxers.

Misconception 1:

When people get their BOTOX done, they always look frozen, and you can tell they’ve had it done.

The Reality:

BOTOX Cosmetic and other neuromodulators work by relaxing the muscles that scrunch. These are often referred to as ‘Dynamic Lines’, also meaning ‘lines in motion’. When the Botox or (other neuromodulator) relaxes the muscle that is responsible for that motion, the wrinkle doesn’t form.

The key to a natural, refreshed look is an expert injector, like a board certified dermatologist. Your skilled injector will use a neuromodulator as a wrinkle relaxer to help you look relaxed, not obvious or ‘frozen’. For example, there is no need to look angry just because you’re concentrating, like when the lines in between the eyebrows form. (In the office, we call these ‘mad marks’, thanks to a fun patient who described them that way).

After all, you wouldn’t want to look angry in the board room if you are not… but no one needs to know you’ve had it done when you have a skilled physician!

Insider Tip: To get a natural look, you will likely desire some movement in the area treated, which can sometimes mean that less of the neuromodulator is used, or that it is being used in strategic areas.

The main take-away here? Be sure to let your physician know what look you are trying to achieve. This will be important to both of you as you work together towards a soft, relaxed look that feels and looks like you!


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